Precision cleaning process and cleanroom packaging

Precision cleaning of your parts and products with predictable quality: that is the Boers & Co promise. Boers & Co will clean your materials expertly and efficiently using a fully-automated industrial cleaning station. By efficient, we mean thorough, accurate and fast: delivered today, done tomorrow. You will receive a clean and neatly packaged product.

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Boers & Co is an expert and believes in transparency.
Feel free to request our white paper and read about the latest standards in the field of precision cleaning and cleanroom packaging.
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From aviation to the medical industry: CSO is a priority.

Boers & Co works for a wide range of industries. After all, clean products are of great importance to all sectors, such as the semiconductor, aerospace, aviation and automotive industries. The gas chromatography industry and the electronic and medical industries also entrust us with their parts and products. These industries choose us because they set high standards for their supply chain and Boers & Co serves as a trusted partner.

Our fully automated system, linked to our ERP system, guarantees predictable high quality. That is why we say: Perfecting what is already perfect.

"Each part is really clean. It hast to be in order for the industrial glue to stick."
Precision cleaning is certified,
fast, and of predictable high quality.

Efficient and transparent process

Boers & Co developed its own TechRacks to store and clean products. Once the products are clean, they are returned in a package or in the TechRacks, depending on your preferences.

In some cases it’s necessary to demonstrate how clean a product is. We are extremely transparent and would be happy to test our results using a residual gas analysis (RGA) or a residual substance analysis (RSA). An RGA determines the cleanliness of a product and the RSA determines the quantity and size of any remaining substances.

Boers & Co accepts all precision cleaning jobs, from a few parts to serial production. At Boers & Co, our motto is: Delivered today, cleaned and returned tomorrow.

Multifunctional cleaning installation

Boers & Co works for clients from various industries. Because of this, our cleaning installation has several cleaning functions, such as ultrasonic cleaning, high-pressure jets, Vapour degreasing , and vacuum drying. The TechRacks can be rotated to position your product for cleaning, which is done at 85 °C (185 °F).

Your products can then be packaged in dust-free packaging according to the desired ISO class.

Cleaning at that level is an art.
Boers & Co does it for us so we don't have to.

Cleanroom packaging

Double packaging is used in the cleanroom to keep all products clean and dust-free. This is done using electrostatic discharge (ESD), foil, polyethylene (PE), antistatic PE or three-layer aluminium foil. Single packaging is also possible. We can also package the entire TechRack in our packaging facility. We are extremely flexible and look forward to tailoring the packaging options to your needs.

Sterile products
Do you require sterilised products?
Feel free to contact us.

CSR with Boers & Co

Cleaning products well is difficult. The possibilities include ‘cleaning’ with brake cleaner, using ultrasonic cleaning baths and working with a full mask. However, these options aren’t ideal for your employees.

Reduce hazardous substances in your company and reduce the risk for your colleagues by having your products cleaned at Boers & Co!

In the Netherlands, there is high demand for products used in a high vacuum environment. The individual parts have to be chemically and physically clean in order to guarantee the vacuum effect.

Our cleaning installation regenerates and distils the medium after every cycle. Cleaning happens in a vacuum, which means no fumes or scents are released. At Boers & Co, safety is a top priority. For employees and for the environment. Boers & Co therefore complies with extremely strict environmental regulations.

Your cleaning needs, our passion

Boers & Co takes care of all your cleaning needs by thoroughly cleaning all parts and products with a predictable quality. We work with you, brainstorm with you, and are always there to help. The products you send today will be cleaned and ready tomorrow. That is our promise. All cleaning is done according the agreed cleaning level, and in compliance with the legal requirements and industrial standards.

Boers & Co complies with the ISO13485, ISO9001 and ISO14001 standards and the principles of corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). We are also familiar with industrial norms such as GSA 07 2220 Grade 2 or Grade 4.

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